Our Clients

You likely work as a consultant, or sit on a number of Boards, and have multiple commitments vying for your time and attention.

You have probably had a PA in the past, but now no longer enjoy that level of support.

You demand:

  • Absolute confidentiality
  • Reliability
  • Initiative
  • Excellence

You just want to know that the task will be taken care of so that you can cross it off your ‘To Do’ list.

Your Bespoke EA virtual assistant will manage a multitude of tasks across your business, family and social life – whatever you give them access to – so that you can concentrate on the activities that you enjoy; that interest you, and that truly deserve your attention.

You will be free of those time consuming tasks that ‘get in the way’, confident in the knowledge that the supporting elements will be in place when you need them.

To best make use of the support afforded by engaging Bespoke EA, you really must be prepared to delegate and ‘let go’ of tasks and responsibilities – it is, of course, for us to prove to you that you can do that with complete confidence.

Your needs will be unique, and our support package will in turn, be unique to you.  We want to work with clients for years, rather than just hours, and so we will want to spend time really getting to know you and your business.

The first step is for us to have a conversation, so do please telephone, or send an email, and we will call you back.