Our assistants are used to being given a good deal of responsibility and being left to run with a project with little recourse to the client, but of course this level of trust takes time to develop.

After an initial conversation, we will aim to meet with you in person to discuss your responsibilities and commitments in greater detail.

We will then send you a detailed proposal for your review, and together we will agree and establish an initial working routine.

It will inevitably take a little time at first to set things in train, but that initial investment will pay dividends later when your assistant can take on tasks for you without being asked.

The better the understanding we have of your business, your priorities and your goals, the more effective the support we can provide.

The majority of your tasks will be handled by one particular assistant, but he / she will be supported by the rest of the Bespoke EA team. All of your tasks will be logged, so you can easily check on the status of each, and a second assistant can pick up and run with a task should your assistant not be available.

We have helped other busy people to take control of their time again: now let us do the same for you.